She's a Woman Unto Herself

She’s a woman unto herself

For awhile it was men that defined her

The way she wielded her sexuality

Where and how she fit into her place in society

Self-loathing Happens to Everyone From Time to Time

I woke up the other day ready to tighten up ship (aka self-care + movement) in my body a bit, because I haven't physically been feeling my best lately.

When You're Being Too Fucking Tolerant

What are you tolerating?

My belief is that women often have the tendency to tolerate, generally speaking.

Women are patient creatures.

Newsflash: There's Nothing Wrong With You

You’re not bad.

You’re not wrong.

You’re not broken.

What you are, is a human being figuring it’s way through life.

Don't Live Your Life for Someone Else

There's a difference between living a life of service to helping others and living a life that's in service to pleasing others.

It's not your job now, nor has it even been, to live to please others.

The Idea is Not to Be Palatable

I don’t do or say what I have to say with the intention of being palatable.

Some of it can be gritty and hard to digest — like when you eat a meal of food so rich your body doesn’t quite know how to assimilate it all in an expedient manner.

A Part of Me Died That Day

I live with a relatively steady undertone of pain each and every day

And that’s because

When my little brother died a few years a go

A part of me did too

When Getting Sick Brings You to Your Knees

Sometimes you get sick and it takes you out at your knees.

It can break you or it can humble and soften you.

The latter has happened to me, in getting terribly sick in a way where I can't quite recall experiencing this much physical pain in a long time.

People Will Take Advantage of You

People are going to take advantage of you in your lifetime.

It’s one of the inevitabilities of being a human.

We’re innately vulnerable, regardless of how strong we are or how impenetrable we might feel...


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