Breaking the Mold is the Best Decision I Ever Made

I’ve never been one to follow the expected path in life.

I don’t fit well into other people’s molds, and often challenge their understanding or previously perceived notions of how to go about life.

Sometimes this inspires others, while often it evokes a sense of discomfort in them because I’m a little hard to understand and when you don’t fit the mold that society paves for the average human, people are like:

Choose to Lean Into the Mystery

People find a lot of discomfort in the mystery.

I know I do, but I’ve learned to trust it — and sometimes, I even love it.

The unknown can be a frightening place to be, especially when humans these days have such an addiction to clarity.

This Part of the Patriarchy Needs to Die

I have been particularly pissed the fuck off lately about the way men continue to objectify women.

Of course, this is something that, as women, we live with day in and day out through the majority of our lives

Sisterhood Equals Survival

Sisterhood is one of my survival strategies in life.

I surround myself with awesome women who are committed to showing up fully for themselves and those around them, women who are doing incredible work in the world, have brilliant craft to share, and who are genuinely deeply loving souls.

Being Purposeful is a Choice

Sometimes I lose all motivation.

All of it.

I feel the magnitude of healing that the world as a whole is in need of and begin questioning the significance of what I have to offer in the face of that.

She's a Woman Unto Herself

She’s a woman unto herself

For awhile it was men that defined her

The way she wielded her sexuality

Where and how she fit into her place in society

Self-loathing Happens to Everyone From Time to Time

I woke up the other day ready to tighten up ship (aka self-care + movement) in my body a bit, because I haven't physically been feeling my best lately.

When You're Being Too Fucking Tolerant

What are you tolerating?

My belief is that women often have the tendency to tolerate, generally speaking.

Women are patient creatures.

Sometimes People Forget to Say, "Thank You"

You’re not always going to get the thanks you deserve.

There are going to be plenty of times where you don’t get paid back for the drinks you bought someone because they forgot their credit card, you won’t get reciprocated for that ride home you gave a friend, connections you inspired among folks won’t be attributed to you.


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